‘Sorry’ From Sydney

Greetings from Downunder!

First and foremost, I didn’t envisage my first blog post to be an apology, nor did I think it would be a month down the line of my travels. This is mainly due to the lack of wifi and the inability to find time to sit down and write something I think you would all like to read. Nevertheless, here I am, alive and well in Australia.

I was based in Terrigal, NSW, for the first three weeks of my travels, surrounded by the Northern Beaches and amazing views. I am now living in Sydney for a week before my friend Lauren and I travel up the East Coast! We’ve had a great month with friends and family, celebrating her brothers wedding and luckily the newly weds are letting us brats live with them till we are ready to move on.

So here I am writing to all of you whilst watching Neighbours!
I can’t detail everything I have done as there is too much so instead I am going to list the top 5 things I have learnt since being here.

1) Cadbury’s chocolate tastes nothing like it does in the UK.
2) Kanagroo’s and Koala’s don’t relax in people’s back gardens.
3) It is seriously expensive! (The dollars are dwindling)
4) You’ve got about 4 seconds to get across the roads at crossings.
5) We need to buy a boat…well, just because.


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