Made in Melbourne

As a city, Melbourne has a very European vibe. It is full of delicious cafés, unique bars and street art on every corner! There was something happening all the time… And we can confirm it is a city that never sleeps! The ultimate highlight was visiting the Eureka 88 Skydeck.. The Southern Hemispheres tallest viewing platform! The view was amazing and doing it at night time enabled us to see a very twinkly side to Melbourne.

But less of the touristy stuff….

Most people reading this will know I am a lover of reality television… You name it, I watch it. Therefore, when I received a text from my Dad telling me ‘Made in Chelsea’ had returned for another series, I was obviously distraught that I would be behind and couldn’t get involved in Monday night tweet sessions. However, little did Lauren and myself know we would take part in our very own Chelsea scenario in Melbourne!
Having landed in Melbourne during the early hours of the morning and our hotel check in not being till 2pm we were at a loose end and ready to begin exploring. We walked up and down the laneways, went window shopping and strolled in the sunshine down the river Yarra, we stumbled across the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) and found ourselves dodging through Federation Square to avoid playing victim to a ruthless comedian setting up camp for the afternoon.
It wasn’t long till we were both craving food. So, off we went on our evening adventure to find a restaurant we could eat at. We came across a vibrant street, live music and an array of tapas bars. We were in good spirits and having a great time when we saw a friendly face from Manchester!! We were so shocked that half way across
the world we were bumping into a girl we knew from school. It was all very Chelsea as you can imagine with a high pitched ‘Hi!’, a fabulous air kiss and a delighted ‘What are you doing here?’ Add a few awkward silences and an invitation out later in the night for rooftop cocktails, it made for a very humorous and surreal situation. It really was solid proof that it is a very small world!!

Here are some pictures of me and Melbourne. The tea and cake was the best tea and cake we’ve ever had! Thanks very much Hopetoun Tearooms!









4 thoughts on “Made in Melbourne

  1. How amazing bumping into a girl school! A very small world indeed. Melbourne looks and sounds very exciting. Looking forward to your next blog 😀

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