Nice Things In Noosa

Noosa was the perfect detox for Lauren and I. A wealthy, residential beach resort with a variety of cafés, restaurants and bars.

On the first night we stayed in Flashpackers Hostel. We had a twin room, an en-suite and a television. It was so nice to feel some normality. We also had free wifi! (You’ve struck gold when your travelling if your hostel has free wifi)
We spent our afternoon on the beach and ventured out to a cheap(ish) Italian for tea on Hastings Street.

Unfortunately, Flashpackers didn’t have enough room for us to stay two more nights, therefore we booked into an apartment called At the Sound. It was so lush! Huge beds, a television, a big kitchen, jacuzzi bath and shower and a patio. The owner was called Monica and she was lovely! She gave us a DVD player so we could watch some chick flicks and was helpful when we needed to find another nights accommodation. The weather wasn’t great so we really just took advantage of relaxing, sleeping and being squeaky clean. It was so nice not having to leave a deposit for everything you wanted to use! We went to Noosaville that evening for an early tea and to buy some chocolate ready for our film night. In the restaurant we managed to book further accommodation at Dolphins Resort.

We arrived there the next morning after parting a sad goodbye with our apartment. It was pink..and when I say pink I mean bright Barbie pink. We were in our element. The walls, the seats, the bedding and the decor was pink. There were stone Buddhas on every corner and it was very chilled. We booked into our twin room to be told she hadn’t understood me properly on the phone and they didn’t have any left so we would have to go into a normal dorm. Annoying to say the least! The room was tiny, and just like Surfers we were sharing with another two German girls. They were pleasant and told me I looked 18 years old..surprise surprise!
Spent the day on Sunshine Beach and watched a wedding take place! Cute.

Out for tea again as didn’t fancy cooking in a shared kitchen! Luckily our room was actually okay just really noisy. A group of noisy drinkers were sat right outside our window, repeatedly playing Sak Noël – Loca People. EXTREEEEMELY annoying!! (If you haven’t heard I, YouTube it!)

Noosa was such a cute little village and all the trees had fairy lights on them! A pretty little place indeed.
We’re on our way to Fraser Island tomorrow so il be sure to collect some stories for you all! X



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