Surfers Paradise……or not?

In all honesty, I’m not sure how to put Surfers Paradise into words. It was an experience and definitely not what we thought. We were still enjoying the chilled out memories from Byron Bay and expected Surfers to be something similar…if not better.

When we arrived at Surfers, two boys, Neill (2 l’s – edgy) and Payton, picked us up and drove us to our apartment. We were accompanied by two German girls, Lena and Danya, who were to be our new roomies. Although this time, we (luckily) had a twin room to ourselves and only shared facilities such as the bathroom and kitchen. They seemed sweet and we all checked in and unpacked.

As usual we were in need of food and had made the executive decision to make tea for the next few nights. The shops were a good 20 minute walk away and it wasn’t long before we realised there was nothing nearby our hostel except the beach.

We decided to see if anything was going on in the evening, so I asked the Cornish bar man (a self-proclaimed Bradley Cooper lookalike) who replied ‘We go to the Beer Garden…’ as if I should of known. He then bluntly told me ‘We leave at ten, see you then!’ Eek! So off i scuttled to tell Lauren – it was now 9pm – and we got ready to go out. It was very social and we got chatting to some of the workers, most of them English and all lovely! They told us they had been in Surfers Paradise for weeks/months!! We were shocked, what the hell did they do?

On the bus into town we got given stamps and wristbands for free entry and drinks. The Beer Garden was packed, the shots were ordered and that was it. We were all new best friends and loving life.

This activity repeated for 4 nights, except on Tuesdays as that was ‘Pizza and Games Night’. It was clear the workers were there to have a good time.. They never left the hostel, slept all day, partied all night and started drinking at 12pm! It was bizzare! We suddenly felt like we had been transported to the Greek holiday Islands of Zante, Malia and Aiya Napa. Unsurprisingly, one of the boys was off to do a season in Aiya Napa after his Australian antics.

We had been told the city itself was similar to Blackpool and they weren’t wrong! With X-rated shops on every corner, fancy dress and fast was a pretty grim city and designed for a young age group who were up for a good time!

That Monday night we went to a club as it was Neill’s last night (obviously we’re best friends for life now so we’re sad to see him go!) The club was called Sin City… Enough said, the name says it all.

On Tuesday, the weather was around 30 degrees and we sunbathed all day! Oh god, were we now like the workers who wouldn’t leave the complex all day? We made a new German friend called Kevin and we bonded over our mutual love of reality tv, especially Geordie Shore! However, in need of food and an escape from the party bubble we went into town for food!

The next day, Wednesday, we visited Dreamworld, one of the 6 theme parks in Surfers Paradise! It was a great day out and we even experienced the worlds fastest backwards roller costar! We ended the day with the backpacker bar crawl and a McDonalds!

Unfortunately the morning came around far too quickly! We had a bus to catch at half 8am and it’s safe to say we learnt our lesson and will never ever go out again the night before a 4 hour coach journey!

So… Surfers a Paradise? We felt like we were back in Europe on a holiday within a holiday. I won’t lie, we had a great time and met some characters we won’t be forgetting anytime soon! But it isn’t the beachy paradise we anticipated! It was a tacky, good time, party paradise where the motto is go hard or go home! It conquered us and 4 nights was quite enough…time for a detox!


One thought on “Surfers Paradise……or not?

  1. I think I would have left after day one. Glad you embraced the experience…”things can only get better” Looking forward to seeing your photos! 😀

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