Fraser Island

Fraser Island…Where to begin?
It is the worlds largest sand island and one of the only islands where rainforest grows on sand.

Three things we were told before we went to the island:

1) ‘You’ll be roughing it’
2) ‘You can’t swim on Fraser Island because the sea is shark infested’
3) ‘There are wild Dingo’s everywhere’

As you can imagine, a number of horror stories were running through our minds and to add to the fun I saw a sign saying ‘BEWARE OF CROCODILES’ which Lauren kindly reassured me she had read elsewhere but had decided not to tell me…

As we got off the ferry, our driver Dingo Dan kindly asked me, Lauren and a lad called Billy to move to the back as a family were getting on. We obliged and suddenly realised we had drawn the short straw. Driving at 80kph across the beach it’s safe to say we had many close encounters with the roof. Scary yet exciting, this was a great start to our journey! We had a new friend (Billy from Bristol) and were cruising down the 75 mile beach! On route we saw 3 dingos all strutting along the shrubbery at the edge of the beach. Impressive. The sun was also shining which in my opinion was a good day already! We stopped for morning tea and biscuits and continued to our first island stop Lake Mckenzie. The lake has an extremely acidic PH with the ability to clean jewellery, soften hair and exfoliate skin. Our kind of lake! We bathed for a couple of hours, chatting to our group, taking picture and taking in the surroundings. It’s pretty cool to think the lake is formed on top of a sandblow (sandune) and filled with rainwater!


It was absolutely incredible and set a very high standard for the next three days! When we arrived back to the coach we were told we were swapping drivers! We said goodbye to Dingo Dan and said hello to Crazy Kirsty! Kirsty had a box full of snacks, tunes on the bus and a great sense of humour! We all warmed to her quickly and knew we were in for a good trip! She took us to Basin Lake.


This wasn’t as blue as Lake Mckenzie but it’s special quality was that it had a tea tree in the middle allowing the oil to seep into the water, turn it green and perform it’s magic! Que soft hair, skin and jewellery! Why can’t England have these healing pools?!
Afterwards, we took a Bushwalk from Central Station – and old village known as the historical heart of the island – through the subtropical rainforest and along a freshwater creek!


Not a bad end to the day! Kirsty was there at the end to greet us with her tea, coffee and cookies. I would just like to state how good these cookies were.. So good that we may or may not have had up to three in one go! 🙊
On our way back to Kingfisher Bay resort we got waylaid by a creature in the road…No, not a dingo… A gigantic python lying across the road!!!!! It was simultaneously ridiculous and impressive!


Once we’d all taken our pictures, we piled back on the bus and made it back to our beach to watch the sun set…it didn’t disappoint, and neither did our accommodation when we arrived! Lauren and I shared with two girls from Reading called Hannah and Jess. They were sweet and we all headed to dinner together along with Billy and a few others from our lodge. All you can eat pizza, pasta, salad and happy hour at the bar! What more could we all want after the day we’d had?…..BED!!!!
Absolutley shattered, we took ourselves to bed ready for our 7am wake up call!

Feeling refreshed we all grabbed some toast and juice on our way to the coach in the morning and made our way to The Pinnacles!


These were huge colourful formations of different coloured sands which created an awesome view! We also saw this sign! Eek…


Lauren and myself also took advantage of a private plane ride across the island oceans, shark spotting, viewing lakes on top of rainforests and getting a birds eye view of the entire island! We loved our pilot Ryan!


He landed us safely and soundly next to the Maheno shipwreck. Not a bad landing spot!


We continued up the beach to Fraser’s natural rock pool jacuzzi ‘The Champagne Pools’.


We were given perfect weather conditions and sunbathed for the rest of the morning! Delightful! We were just missing the actual champagne! Our main girl Kirsty greeted us with a picnic on the beach which we finished with a nice sea walk and clambered back on our coach. In the afternoon, (it’s now 30 degrees by the way), we hiked up Indian Head and took in Fraser Islands most spectacular views! We were actually hoping to see quite a few sharks as a man had told us he had seen a few but unfortunately we didn’t see any!

We then made our way to Eli Creek, a freshwater creek and went tubing all the way down. It was extremely cold water but really fun and we dried off drinking tea and eating cookies. Again, we may or may not have had three cookies. Delicious!!


Finishing our day a little earlier than before we headed to the hotel jacuzzi and spa, however it seemed every other traveller on the island had the same idea, therefore we cosied up inside the bar with our lodge and enjoyed $10 cocktails! Our resort were provided a BBQ dinner for us which was tasty and us four girls decided to have a little pamper session and chat in our room. Just what we needed!


Sadly, our final day on Fraser Island had arrived! With another early wake up call we were on the bus by 7:45am and making our way to the beautiful Lake Birrabeen!


However it was about 10 degrees and the water was freezing so only a few of the group tried their luck at paddle boarding! This took a couple of hours including the drive there and back to another hotel where we enjoyed an all you can eat buffet! The travellers dream! The buffet resulted in a food coma so it’s a good job we had an afternoon hike to Lake Wabby. This was situated in the middle of a desert like sandblow and was probably our favourite afternoon! It was baking hot, 30 degrees again and the lake was placed in front of an array of rainforest trees! We received natural pedicures from the little fishes in the lake and took some fabulous photos before heading back down to the beach.




Afternoon tea time and yes the cookies were provided! Everybody’s favourite time of the day!! Unfortunately this was the end of our 3 day trip, so we all made our way to the ferry. We watched the sunset from the ferry and saw some turtles swimming right along side us!
Fraser Island was nothing like we imagined and we were all gutted we couldn’t stay longer because it really was paradise! We’re lucky we got a lovely tour guide and even better people to share the trip with. We have Fraser Island blues but we can’t be sad for too long…..we’re off to the Whitsundays!!!!! It’s a hard life I know….

Oh, and I’m aware I forgot the Dingo pictures.. Here you go.



And me on Indian Head!



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