Wet and Wild on The Whitsundays

It’s one adventure after the other here on the East Coast and now we’re off on a sea voyage around the Whitsunday Islands!

Early start as usual… We were at the marina for 8am and on board by half past! Our group consisted of mainly Germans (apparently there are thousands travelling Australia at this moment in time!) Lauren and I were the only two Brits, so we knew we were in for an interesting if not cultured trip.
I think the word sailing is rather vague, therefore in my head when we thought of sailing the Islands… It was chilled, smooth and sunny. Oh how wrong we were…
Sailing the Whitsundays was being sat on a boat at a 45 degree angle bouncing through the ocean! It was embracing to say the least. We got soaked and it was hilarious! We jumped off in blue pearl bay to snorkel on the outskirts of the Great Barrier Reef. It was an amazing experience and the fishes were incredible! Unfortunately I have no pictures as this iPhone isn’t going anywhere near the water!
We snorkelled for about an hour then returned back on the boat for some lunch in the sun! Perfect weather conditions made for a very idillic sailing experience! Ciders in hand, music on and the sun was shining! It was perfect. It was definitely one of the best days I’ve had since travelling. That evening we watched the sun go down for the evening after getting drenched sailing to our anchor point! We sat at the front of the boat thinking the back would get the majority of sea spray… We clearly know nothing about boats as we ended up looking like drowned rats once again. The crew really looked after us all and cooked us some very nice dinner. We all then sat on deck under the moon, stars and fairy lights playing games and drinking. The Germans were great fun and it turns out they love a selfie as much as us Brits do! Perfect picture partners!
That night it rained and rained and rained… It was so loud I’m not sure many of us got much sleep! Thankfully when we got up it had finished and it was rather fresh sat out on the deck in pjamas drinking cups of tea.
We sailed to Whitehaven Beach, took some cheeky photos with various signs and went hiking up to the viewpoints which were pretty amazing! Our tour guide also felt it was necessary to show us a couple of deadly spiders in the girls toilets… Safe to say we all waited till we were back on our boat.
That afternoon we were told ‘It’s great sailing conditions this afternoon everybody!’ .. We all knew this meant we were in for a rough but enjoyable ride back to our port.
To sum up the trip: we were wet for 24 hours, learnt some new drinking games, took some selfies, snorkelled with rainbow fish and visited one of the worlds most famous heritage Islands! It was definitely one of our favourite trips.. Although we seem to say that about everywhere!












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