Getting Tropical in Cairns

We made it to Cairns after another long greyhound journey, however we embraced it a little bit more this time as it was our last ever one! And yes we did love to hate the greyhound journeys.

Lauren and I have surprised ourselves during our travels because we have been relatively organised…Cairns is our exception. We arrived with no accommodation due to changing coaches so had to search for a taxi and ask him to take us to our hostel for the next night in the hope they had two beds.
We walked into reception and a friendly English girl greeted us, asked if we were okay, (to which we dramatically replied ‘no, we’re practically homeless!’) and she rang their sister hostel and found us a twin room. What a babe! We began chatting to her and it turns out she went to Loreto too (our high school), knew some of our teachers and lived in Sale till she moved to Cairns. Extremely small world!


When we woke up the next day, we went to explore Cairns. It was so humid, at least 26 degrees, and rather damp. However, we really liked it. Small with a variety of shops, bars and restaurants and it’s own lagoon, we took to Cairns quite quickly. We also bumped into Billy (our Fraser Island bestie from Bristol) which was so nice! We love our Made in Chelsea moments don’t we?

We had an early night that night as we had our Great Barrier Reef trip in the morning.
We got a taxi to the port and clambered onto our huge boat. However, when the crew began giving out sick bags we should of known it was going to be a rocky ride. As you all know we’ve had our fair share of sailing and this was ten times worse! Nevertheless two hours later we were acquiring flippers and snorkels to go and find Nemo in one of the most famous places in the world!
It really was amazing.. Except the weather. It rained, rained and rained the whole time we were in the ocean. We were drenched before we even got in, so wet that an older couple asked us ‘ah have you girls been in already?’ .. The look on their faces when we replied no was amusing.
Luckily, in the afternoon, the clouds cleared and we saw the Great Barrier Reef in all it’s glory! White sand, clear sea and fishes everywhere!





Quickly running out of time, Lauren and I had to book our Atherton Tablelands tour for the next day. This was an extremely early start but luckily well worth it. We did our tour with a company called Barefoot Tours, who I would highly recommend as our leader Josh was so friendly, bought us snacks, took more than enough photos for us all in prime location spots and delivered so much information. He was great at getting our group to interact and this was definitely in my top 3 days. We spent the morning swimming in a freshwater lake in the rain and searching for turtles. I reckon that’s one of the best ways to shake off your tiredness don’t you?


In the late morning we went jumping into a waterfall which was beyond freezing… You wouldn’t know looking at the photos but my body was stinging it was so cold. We had lunch, visited a lookout which captured the rainforest at it’s best and finally made our way to the waterfall where Peter Andre filmed his number 1 hit: Mysterious Girl! This was a personal highlight for me. We jumped into the powerful waterfall and clambered onto the rocks behind it to embrace the view. It was exhilarating to say the least! Personally, I think the photos say it all! It made for another wet but great day with fantastic people. We couldn’t of asked for a better trip diving and jumping into waterfalls in the rainforest. Just a standard weekday here in Australia!









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